In my dream, I spoke in French. Actual French. I was better at it in my dream than in real life… Haha

"Caterpillar Brows!"

hey there, i love your AUs. i want to ask if you can you do a AU for alfie deyes and emma watson (like there was an old one with zoe sugg and harry styles)? all the best.

I only did 1 AU ever but I really like making them so I’d be happy to!!

Also a little bit of update on what’s going on and why I haven’t been posting: I have my ABRSM piano exam coming up really soon (like tomorrow soon) and I’ve just been practicing a lot. Hopefully after tomorrow I’ll be back making gifs again & completing all y’all’s requests!

Connor’s first and last videos on O2L: I am incredibly proud of you Connor, i know this was a really hard decision for you, O2L will not be the same without you but out of everything, whats most important is happiness and only you know whats best for you, your fans will still be there for you, we love you so so much and maybe things are hard right now but I am sure things will get better, you have all our love and support.

A New Chapter

WERE BACK!! | Sims with Zoella #19

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are you doing it?

maybe, if I do I’ll post it on my personal blog HERE & tag it :)

do tell me when the video is going to be up though :) are you in a hurry?

Can you please post a picture of you holding up a sign that says #WeLoveYouConnor and tag it to #jessiesfanvideoforconnor please, im making him a fan video to show him how much hes loved

Divulging this ask in case anyone wants to do it :)

A New Chapter

Thank you so so much for the Cameron gifset! You are truly amazing!!!!! < 3

You’re welcome! <3